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Make school year 2010 a blast!

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2010 School Blast is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about all the school supplies you need to buy. Having all the right items helps students settle in and be prepared for a great start to the new school year.

With lots of best-selling brands and thousands of styles to choose from, we help you find your perfect back-to-school gear quickly. It seems that most of bags that available in the market today have three fundamental elements, which are fun, functions and fashion

As the coming of new school year is indispensable and the fall season is fast approaching. Some things to consider when shopping for a school backpack are the number of straps the backpack has - two straps distribute the weight of the school bag evenly and place less stress on the shoulders and upper back.

Kids backpacks with wheels place very little stress on the back and are actually preferable to standard bags especially with the heavier loads, but check with your school to make sure these types are allowed. You still need to make sure you’re lifting this type of backpack well when getting on and off the bus or lifting from floor to desk using the straight back and bending the knees rather than placing the full load on the back by just bending over to pick it up.

Kids should always use both shoulder 2straps instead of straddling the bag over one shoulder with one strap. Packing the heaviest items on the bottom keeps them lower and closer to the body. Watch any sharp edged objects so they do not poke you in the back.

Every kids love new things every school year. Make this new school year a blast!

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Simple Reminders to Avoid Back Injuries

mother and childDuring the old days, children would head off to school along with a bit of notebook paper in one hand and a pencil perched behind one ear. Yet on this modern age of technology, even elementary-age children are burdened with textbooks, pencil cases, calculators, cell phone, and even a notebook computer.

Even when experts have advised that a kid’s backpack must weigh less than 15 percent their body weight, many kids normally haul around greater than twice that percentage. Over time, this school backpack burden might create health problems like stooped posture, chronic back and shoulder pain, stiff necks and muscle weakness.

To minimize the dangerous results of carrying a backpack, it is important to follow these five tips:

1. Ensure yourself as well as your child to go with a backpack that’s appropriate
for your child’s age and size.You should physically weigh the backpack to be sure it’s below 15 percent of your child’s body weight.

2. Adjust the school bag so it rests in the contour of the lower back. The pack should never rest above four inches below your child’s waist. The shoulder straps ought to be well-padded and as wide as you possibly can to help spread the weight of the backpack.


3. Examine your child’s backpack making sure they have only stuffed items that are necessary for the day’s activities. The heaviest things need to be packed in the back of the pack (closest to your child’s back), and items needs to be organized so they do not change and move in the pack. It is more suitable for the child to hand-carry several stuff rather than over-load the backpack.

4. Instruct your son or daughter to put on both shoulder straps. Slinging the pack over one shoulder might cause a great deal of muscle strain. It will cause the child to lean to one side, bending the spine and then leading to uneasiness all through the back, neck and shoulders. Be sure to adjust the straps so the pack fits snugly against the child’s back making certain to fasten the waist belt, if the pack has one, to distribute the weight more evenly.

5. In case your kid can’t or won’t wear the kids backpack properly, you could put into consideration the use of rolling backpack. Only make sure the handle is extended enough so your kid doesn’t have to twist or perhaps bend to drag the backpack.

Mother’s Point of view: Why buy kids wheeled backpacks?

kids wheeled backpacks

Kids these days sometimes use a wheeled backpack to bring their stuff to school. Wheeled backpack is a normal thing for some nations particularly those with no lockers to accommodate the students stuff. There are a lot of pros and cons regarding a kids wheeled backpack and these pros and cons should actually be regarded when thinking of purchasing one for your kids.

For all those who’re not really aware of how a kid’s wheeled backpack may looks like, it’s basically a standard kids backpack with wheels connected at the bottom of the bag (sometimes two, sometimes four wheels) and a retracting handle on the top of the pack protruding from back art of the bag. The primary idea of a kids wheeled backpack is to use the wheels to drag the school bag along.


kidsThis sort of bag is usually quite favorable for kids as well for smaller children. The kids wheeled backpack comes in various styles based to the age range of the kids who used these. Compared to a plane kid’s backpack, a wheeled one could definitely take more items given that it’s basically built to provide more than its fair share of books and school supplies.  You could compare a bag being worn with full of large stuff if it is quite simple to drag by a child on wheels.

You have the benefits of having wheels in such type of back packs.

An additional advantage of the kids wheeled backpack is the fact that it could actually be stood upright when stored in the classroom to make for much better rooting around for school supplies and books. This kind of advantage means that the books and additional school supplies within won’t get too messy compared to standard backpacks that do not have the framing that arrives with the handle attached to it.


This kind of school backpack also have disadvantages that include being too heavy as is due to the wheels and the handle frame that’s along with the body of the backpack. They are much heavier than other regular school bags if carried on the back. This means that these are often used with the wheels feature instead of the strap features. The extra weight also adds to the weight of the school books and supplies which can be dangerous when the bag is pulled upstairs or up a ramp. The load can drag the child down and even cause accidents.

Parents Concern: Careful selection of school backpacks for your kids

my girlIt has become more and more common to find children carrying a large backpack to school. All kids need a school backpack and these items are indispensable to them. Thus, shopping for a school backpacks needs to be considered seriously in terms of the size and durability. A carelessly-chosen backpack may do harm to children. Let’s get started with the basic criteria that every parent should be informed.

Why we should take the selecting of school backpacks seriously?

Research and Studies speaks for itself. According to the survey, eighty percent of Americans are suffering from or developing back pain, which has become the most common health problem experienced by working Americans today. Much of this suffering is developed from childhood. Some of the improper backpacks lead to muscle imbalance which, later, turn into chronic back and neck pains. 

How to select a certain backpacks for your children? 

  •  The Straps and Belts- Well-padded straps and belts are good for the my boysafety and health of your kids.
  •  Capacity - Bigger bags bigger capability. But the larger the pack is, the more effort your kid will have to pay for carrying it.
  •  Frames - A school backpacks with frames is good for the kids. External-frame backpacks are quite a good choice in hot weathers
  • Durability - Wise parents choose durable kids backpacks for their children.

The product of our careful choice

Create a good physical posture. However, when you find your kids developed a bad habit of carrying backpack because of the heavy items they carry, help them to carry it in a proper way. A good solution is to prepare an extra school bag with handles to carry heavy items like dictionaries to reduce the burden on the shoulders.

Safety Tips : Reducing the risks of children’s injury

School Backpacks make easy to carry school necessities.  Letting your child carry all of his or her school items including books, papers, and school supplies in their arms will be quite cumbersome without the aid of a backpack. 

But kids backpacks also can easily be a serious risk for the reason that they could lead to injuries if children trip over them or hit someone— by accident or on purpose. Further, heavy backpacks can also strain their back. 

Always keeping this in mind let’s see how we are able to work with backpack safety for your kids.

  1. Backpacks can be away from them sometimes, for this it is crucial that you tell your child to keep an eye on their school bag. Remind your child to keep their kid’s backpack out of the way of individuals and out of their way too just in case they trip on them. Advise your children to do not leave their school bags in the hallway or pathways or between desks in class. 
  1. Tell your little one to always make sure to look around you before taking off their school backpack or even before putting it on to avoid hitting people around them. Getting hit by a kids backpack may not seem such a painful thing but remember that sharp objects may be in that backpack and this can cause harm to other.
  1. Having the appropriate kind of backpack helps to reduce the injuries by a great deal, so ensure to get the right backpack for your kids. Kids backpack with wheels can solve most of these issues but first you should check with the school if they permit such type of school bags. Try also to consider a backpack with several compartments inside so that the weight can be distributed evenly throughout the body!










Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Backpack

Dr. Orly Avitzur a board-certified neurologist and medical adviser of Consumers Reports asserted that children can suffer low-back pain because of carrying heavy school backpack.

    “A heavy backpack is a strong contributor to low-back pain in children.

heavy backpacks

Avitzur added that carrying a heavy kids backpack for long periods of time, carrying it on one shoulder instead of two, and climbing stairs while lugging a heavy load can exacerbate the problem.  Further, little girls and shorter children are more vulnerable on acquiring back pain due to their smaller stature.

Listed here are six backpack tips to help straighten out your little ones before they end up in pain.

1. Despite the ever-growing popularity of single strap backpacks, a double-strapped backpack will actually promote better spinal alignment through a more symmetrical distribution of weight.

2. The more padding on the straps the better, it will help on relieving the pressure on the shoulders and back. Additional straps are a good idea as well; chest and hip belts help transfer some of the weight from the back making carrying around the load more of a group effort if you will.

3. As far as the actual design of the school backpack goes, consider a pack with multiple compartments

4. When wearing the backpack, it should rest in the middle and lower part of the back where the muscles are strongest. When worn too low, the body will compensate by leaning forward and taking on an improper posture, which in turn leave muscles fatigued and more vulnerable to injuries.

5. In order to prevent risk of injury, the weight of a backpack’s contents should not exceed 10 -15% of the wearer’s body weight. A good way to cut down on the load might be to only take supplies that are necessary. That means before each trip, either home or to school, checking and taking out what is not needed.

6. When organizing items in the school bags try to keep heavier books and items closer to the back, this will ensure the back muscles aren’t working harder than they need to. If feasible, have two copies of a heavier text (one for school, one for home), so your child don’t have to carry so much.